Did I Pick Up Bed bugs in the Airport?

September 3, 2010

During my trip to NY, I spoke with two PCOs about bed bugs. In fact, in NY, it’s hard to have a pest management professional talk about anything but bed bugs. It is on their minds non-stop, for good reason. The market for bed bug work is endless. You would think that pest management professionals have reached conclusions about how to treat, but they haven’t, nor have they reached any common conclusions on how to price. That’s actually a very good thing, as different companies gear themselves to different segments of the bed bug market.
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A Bee Treatment Policy Is A Must – When To Treat and When NOT to Treat Bees

March 31, 2010

Of all the pests I’ve worked with, bees, if you can call them a pest in some situations, were my greatest fascination when I started my pest control company. There is a certain biological thrill mechanism that goes into high gear when you work with bees. One bee pollinating a flower is a beautiful sight to behold, but experiencing large bee hives in dark, enclosed quarters makes my heart pound. There is so much I’ve learned about bees, but I have so much yet to learn. The first and most important thing to know when working with bees is to respect their place and their power.
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Microscopic pests and the need for holistic pest control

March 29, 2010

I’d like to point my readers in the direction of a new page that I have added to the BugsInMyBed website. The page is titled Other Microscopic Mites. I hope you will enjoy reviewing this new and somewhat controversial page.

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Mites, Now You See Them

August 14, 2009

Have you ever seen a mite up close. Here is one we found in the course of our work.

Mites found during Pest Control Inspection

Mites found during Pest Control Inspection

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