Malala, Carly and Our Future

December 3, 2012

Women can and should be in every area of human endeavors, most of all at the forefront of human progress. That begins with the ability to study and excel to great heights equal to or exceeding any man.

I follow current events very closely, especially overseas, more so than many people who have never left the confines of this great country of ours. Because I do, I am extremely worried about what is happening to women and girls in the non-western world, where they are being driven back into forced isolation, illiteracy and physical oppression.

One of the few times I close my eyes to politics and current events is when I’m in couch potato mode. And one of my favorite breaks from the stress of life is “Reality TV.” My favorite reality TV show is X Factor, a song competition. But song is not song without passion. So even watching X Factor, I am reminded of that world that awaits us… a world that awaits women – here in American and overseas in very different ways.
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