Microscopic pests and the need for holistic pest control

I’d like to point my readers in the direction of a new page that I have added to the BugsInMyBed website. The page is titled Other Microscopic Mites. I hope you will enjoy reviewing this new and somewhat controversial page.

I felt it was very important to present this topic to the pest control profession. Why? Because it is a clear example of a pest situation that has eluded the structural pest control profession. Our agricultural pest control brothers and sisters have been dealing with mites forever. It is something they handle on a day-to-day basis. But the structural field seems so very ignorant on this topic. Our treatments have been far off base because our understanding and preparation for it is very poor.

This webpage also introduces the need for holistic pest control, because it is the only type of pest control that can work with such a complicated cocktail of problems that mites create for us, our households, our family, our pets, our neighbors, our physicians. The webpage also takes a critical look at the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control. While the book is absolutely superb, I found something missing in the chapters on Parasitosis and mites. My webpage on microscopic mites cannot answer all these questions but it does open up the thought process.

Enjoy…. and please contribute to the discussion.

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