Wall Street Journal – Pest Control Critters and Companies

February 27, 2013

DO you read the Wall Street Journal? You should. At least today you should. The front page of the WSJ Personal Journal has an article entitled Critter Counteroffensive, highlighting integrated management approaches to rodent control, a leading pest problem sited around the country by pest control companies contacted by Ellen Byron of the Wall Street Journal.

This is very good publicity for the pest control industry and for those pest control companies sited in the article. Where can you get this kind of free publicity and recognition.

Check out the websites of the companies listed:
Wild Removal Services of Austin

Adcock’s Trapping Service

Big Blue Bug Solutions in Providence, R.I

Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

Consider the history, discipline, programs and marketing of these companies. This kind of free publicity doesn’t just happen to the lucky.

Mea Culpa – Guilty of Shortchanging the Ford F150

February 12, 2013

So a while back I posted two blog entries about the discontinued Ford Ranger.

1) Fleet Ford Rangers or Tacoma and Other Options
2) Ecoboost My Ranger

At this point, I have to retract most of my concerns about the Ford F150.

Yes, the gas mileage is too low, but having eliminated 7-8 Rangers and replacing them with F150s (3.7 liter engines), I have realized that the gas mileage is not very different. In fact, I get more consistent gas mileage from the F150 than the Ranger.

More importantly, I have had virtually no mechanical problems with my F150s. My pest control technicians are happy with the comfort and with their increased productivity. Turns out, they don’t enjoy sitting around the dealership with their route work building up.
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EcoBoost My Ranger!

May 9, 2011

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Ford has much too much eGo in their EcoBoost. What are they thinking in Detroit? Did they not know we were in serious economic trouble? Did they not consider the possibility of another run up on gas prices? Power? As a pest control fleet owner I could car less about power. We carry 500-1200 pounds in the bed, not 3,000 pounds. We are not racing them off-road. I don’t think I’d want my guys to even consider the possibility that they could power down the streets.
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Pest Control Ground Shifting

October 17, 2010

Can you feel the ground shifting in the pest control market?

The companies that are doing well have done a good job of experimenting in new markets. Some choices are missteps. Some are really big mistakes! But at least if your company is exploring new markets, new ideas, new ways of doing business, than something good may come of it, so long as the pest control company does not over-allocate resources and money to untried ideas. Read the rest of this entry »

Should you buy local when it comes to pest control?

September 19, 2010

All things being equal, I would say you should buy from a local pest control company. The problem is that all things are not equal at all.

Most local pest control companies are very small operations, one man companies with perhaps a wife in a back office. These companies may have one or two additional workers.

Sometimes these companies are started by hard working, well motivated, well intended entrepreneurs. Other times, they are started by people who have very high opinions of their own ability. Read the rest of this entry »

Fleet Trucks – Ford Rangers or Toyota Tacoma – other options

September 17, 2010

At Hearts Pest Mangement, I have followed the tradition of many fleet owners/managers by purchasing Ford Rangers again and again. Perhaps I have gotten myself into a lazy rut. I need to take my own advice and think out of the box I have gotten myself into. After many repairs this spring and now in the early fall, I am unequivicably convinced that Ford Rangers just don’t last predictably. Oh, you’ll have one that breaks the mold, but many will have engine problems below the 100,000 mile mark. A few years ago I had one Ranger with a transmission that went out at 25,000 miles and then the engine at 35,000 miles. That was actually heaven-sent as they were obviously warranteed. Now I am purchasing extended maintenance and premium protection plans for my Rangers. They are a logical choice so as to keep maintenance bills predictable and to even out cash flow, but they are also my plan B for trucks that have become my 5th collumn. What is your opinion on the various engine options for pest control trucks that haul considerable weight?
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Scam USLBA Award for Pest Control Companies

August 1, 2010

Last year I noticed a prominent company in the Southern California market that had a PPC (Pay-per-Click) Google campaign going pretty hot with a title line of “Best Voted for Pest Control in San Diego.” I had wondered who in fact voted for them and they referred me to the USLBA. Today I saw another San Diego Pest Control company that states they were awarded “Best of Carlsbad.” What nonsense!
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Hearts Pest Control Initial Impression of Los Angeles

July 25, 2010

Hearts Pest Management has been operating in Los Angeles for a few months now and I must say it’s been a wonderful experience. Aside from the pest control work, I’ve had a great time exploring Los Angeles. Having come from New York and moving to San Diego, I fell in love with the sense of freedom that comes from the open spaces here on the west coast.
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Pest Control Door Knockers

July 17, 2010

This evening I received a call from one of my longstanding pest control customers who was met by a summer door-to-door pest control salesman. These kids who do this work are motivated by one thing only – a fast buck. They may or may not have a license, but one thing is sure. They are flung into this work, having no prior field work exposure. They have been revved up by the prospect of making lots of money over the summer, so they can kick back during the school year. Often, these young people have few plans at all other than getting away from small towns and narrowly focused lifestyles in which they were raised. They do not have the customer interest at heart.
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The Ant Season has Finally Arrived – But Are You Ready?

July 16, 2010

Each year in southern California, the pest control industry waits for the ant season. Sometimes the ant season starts in April and sometimes it doesn’t arrive until July 4th. Yes, if bad luck rules, than we wait for July 4th, but sure as the sun will shine, the ants come out by July 4th, en mass. So I thought, until this year, when we had to wait for July 9th before the ant season truly started.
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