Crunch The Numbers

January 20, 2010

For the new year, I decided that my first Pest Management Professional Magazine article should reflect what I perceive as the mood in the business world and macro-economic problems that have filtered down to mom and pop companies that are trying to make it. The credit market is a huge part of our current economic mess. Part of it is credit card company usury that has gone on far too long, but part of it is simply a general unwillingness to lend. As a result, companies large and small are trimming the fat, from GM and Terminix to your local city pest control company or family restuarant.
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Japanese Ants

January 9, 2010

Yesterday I was enjoying the most marvelous sushi at a local Japanese restaurant near my offfice, when suddenly from the side of my sushi plate came a lone scout ant. Other people might have been furious, but I just rubbed it off and went on eating. It really didn’t bother me. I’ve eaten ants before so why not now. But I did pass up this high protein delicacy. As any pest control professional would, my thoughts moved to dreams of a heavy ant season this spring. Perhaps this was a good omen of infestations to come?
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