“Um” Is Not A Word

December 10, 2009

I hope you’ve been enjoying my articles in Pest Management Professional magazine. This time I decided to write about a problem in the industry that no one talks about: inadequate writing skills and a lack of respect for written language. This industry plague results in poorly trained technicians, inadequate policy and procedure to guide a company, unhappy customers who don’t know what they are getting for their money and ultimately, lots of unnecessary lawsuits due to miscommunication.
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Bugs In My Bed

December 4, 2009

Hearts Consulting Group announces the unvailing of it’s first website: www.bugsinmybed.com. This website is really different from other pest control websites in two ways.

1) While there are one or two great bed bug websites, such as Bed Bug Central, the goal of this website is to take a very broad view of the bed bug epidemic, seeing it rather within the context of people who have broad complaints about bugs that get in their beds. Read the rest of this entry »

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