NPMA QualityPro Green – EcoWise Certified – Green Shield Certified

December 14, 2008

There is a new flag waver in the IPM world: NPMA QualityPro Green.  This program has the opportunity to extend the reach of the green movement into a place of respectability in the industry.  It could also end up being a whitewash of poor practices. 

Companies are now acquiring the NPMA QP Green certification at a very quick pace, but there are questions about the quality of QualityPro Green due to the ease in acquiring the certification and the organizations (both NPMA and PCOC) that jointly administer and own the certification.  There is no outside audit done of certification holders.  It is rather an after-thought. 
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Conversation with Chris Sullens of Marathon Data Systems

December 3, 2008

For the record, Marathon Data Systems has excellent customer service, from my standpoint.  Occasionally we go to Marathon Data Systems with questions or concerns about Pestpac.  That’s natural and does not indicate anything wrong.  Often, the support desk is simply helping us with understanding the functionality and how to use it effectively.
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