Drone Pest Control

February 10, 2013

The Rise of Drones and Homefront Application

In the past few years, with the rise in the use of drones in warfare, there have been some serious discussions about the ethics of these unmanned warriors that patrol the sky. Last week’s Time Magazine cover story, “Rise of the Drones,” asks a very serious question about what happens to our privacy when the drones return home. (These devices are more neutrally known as UAV or UAS – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Systems).

Lev Grossman states, in his Time Mag article, Drone Home, “There’s something uncanny about drones. Flying one is a heady experience, but being watched by one is an eerie, oppressive, somewhat annoying feeling — wielding the Parrot in public will get you a range of reactions, from ‘OMG I have to try that” to ‘Get that giant bug out of my face. They’re machines with ghosts in them, and the ghost is saying, ‘I can see you, but you can’t see me.’ It’s roughly analogous to interacting with an anonymous commenter on a blog: you’re dealing with someone who is both present and absent, who has decided that what they say or do will have consequences for you but not for them.”

Imagine the uses and potential abuses of UALs by our government, the police and private enterprise – tracking the movements of criminals and illegal aliens, movie stars, private detectives working for suspicious spouses.

Drone (UAL) Application in the Pest Control Industry

Let’s drill down to our pest control industry. But first wrap around your mind the fact that drones can be purchased from local stores such as Brookstone and that UALs and other land based UASes are getting smaller every day.
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Will Barak Obama Support the NRA

June 20, 2009

President Barak Obama significantly improved his conservative credentials today, when he took swift action against an aerial attack on the White House.
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Bed Bug Monitors

November 18, 2008

Bed bug monitoring devices are the hot items in bed bug control.  With such inconsistent treatment results, liability and pure fear about recurrence, the need for monitors prior to and post treatment is obvious.  These monitors will help protect pest control companies and their customers. 
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