Hearts Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management is a full service pest control company in California.  We differentiate ourselves by our intense inspection, communication and consulting skills, combined with very thorough treatments in such unique areas as mite and bed bug work and full rodent and bird site decontamination. 

Hearts became the very first pest control company outside the San Francisco Bay Area to be EcoWise Certified.  Little by little, other companies are catching the wave, but we have been doing green / organic work for a long time. 

Hearts has also been out front with benefits and career paths that are very uncommon in the pest control industry.  If you go to www.heartspm.com, you will find references and links to a full page article in the Union-Tribune regarding our corporate culture and the support found at Hearts Pest Management for its’ employees and the loyalty and support that has been returned to us as a growing company.

Originally servicing San Diego, Hearts Pest Management now services much of Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino

We certainly welcome your comments, questions, concerns.


Gerry Weitz, President

Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

2 Responses to Hearts Pest Management

  1. Jerry A.C.E. says:

    Hey Gerry,

    Didn’t find a contact button but I am ‘technically challenged’ I linked to your site on mine but I want to verify your blog name- I see it at the top but it doesn’t have the traditional pest control ring to it. sorry to use your comment space, you can just e-mail if you wish. thebugdoctor@pestcemetery.com

    I linked you at http://pestcemetery.com/links/

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi Jerry,

    It’s a logical question. You are not the first person to be confused about the ownership/title of the blog. That confusion is a result of the evolution of my businesses.

    The title of the blog is “People and Pest Control.” The ownership/authorship of the blog is Hearts Consulting Group, LLC. Hearts Consulting Group is an Arizona company I set up to stand apart from my California pest control company, Hearts Pest Management, Inc. Because I have so much experience outside the pest control industry – unique life experiences (don’t we all), living overseas in Israel, 6 years of social work, 15 years in Fortune 50 Information Technology management of companies in a variety of industries, plus a new wealth of pest control, a strong green orientation to pest control, entrepeneurship and pest control politics, I have a lot to give back. I wanted to establish Hearts Consulting Group, LLC to provide an independent voice, to be even more of an advocate and to consult – both inside and outside the industry. I want potential customers to know that my pest control company is only one springboard. Gradually, I am acquiring trusted resources that I can pull together to really disect an organization and provide a variety of insights/opportunities/strategies/implementations. Currently, I am focused on building awareness of my brand of leadership/knowledge and deep-content websites with global income potential. Consulting opportunities will come in time. It is something I see myself doing more as my succession plan for Hearts Pest Management goes into effect. Right now, I’m just having fun with it, learning “Web 2.0,” updating my eCommerce skills and pushing traffic to Hearts Pest Management regionally. Hearts Consulting Group also provides a platform for discussion outside of my licensed areas without anyone raising a flag that this guy doesn’t have this specific license or that specific license. It is strictly a consulting company. HCG, LLC. doesn’t inspect or treat.

    (No problem using this same for the question. If it’s something personal, you can call me or email me at my common name email address: hearts_pest@yahoo.com, otherwise, having a conversation on-line is what social networking is all about.

    Thanks so much for linking. I’ll be sure to add you too, if I haven’t already. I’ll make it a point to get back onto your website this weekend.


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