Pest Control Risk Verses Benefits

April 20, 2012

Risk Vs Benefit of Pest Control Jobs

Looking at Risks When You Want Benefits

Pest control technicians are normal people with normal needs. I’ll rank them here.

  • Money
  • Satisfaction of Work Done
  • Recognition
  • Go Back to Money

The job of a pest control manager is to temper that with the risks associated with the benefits that the pest control technician wants to derive. Read the rest of this entry »

I am NOT an exterminator!

December 17, 2011

A prominent article in the latest issue of PCT magazine titled “I Am An Exterminator!” drew my attention. It had to have been written by one of those great old timers in the industry – with old ideas that still are at the core of what’s wrong with the pest control industry. Fortunately, there are new and better voices representing the pest control industry.
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The Language War of Professional Certification

June 6, 2011

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As a foreigner traveling in Latvia and Estonia this week, I am enjoying the opportunity to revive my university acquired Russian skills some 35 years ago. I can enjoy also the game of picking up a few words in Estonian and finding elements of Russian grammar in the Latinized Latvian shop signs. It’s a game one enjoys as a lover of foriegn language study. Like any puzzle, the more linguistic pieces you pick up the more complete the puzzle, until it forms a complete picture, a beautiful mosaic of human development and civiization.
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Is the Future of Pest Control Tied to Conservation?

June 10, 2010

I’m getting tired of killing bees. Yes, I have recognized many situations where bees are extremely dangerous and something needs to be done quickly. In our own company experience several years ago, we had a worker who came within a minute of death due to anaphylactic shock. It is so difficult to find an economically feasible way to save them. I don’t trust any of the current companies out there that claim to save them. But I do believe it can be done, with extensive training, if you could create a network of bee hive takers. It’s no easy job. But who said work was easy.
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A Bee Treatment Policy Is A Must – When To Treat and When NOT to Treat Bees

March 31, 2010

Of all the pests I’ve worked with, bees, if you can call them a pest in some situations, were my greatest fascination when I started my pest control company. There is a certain biological thrill mechanism that goes into high gear when you work with bees. One bee pollinating a flower is a beautiful sight to behold, but experiencing large bee hives in dark, enclosed quarters makes my heart pound. There is so much I’ve learned about bees, but I have so much yet to learn. The first and most important thing to know when working with bees is to respect their place and their power.
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