2011 Pest Control Industry Forecast – Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? A Macro-Perspective

January 3, 2011

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As we look ahead with predictions for the pest control industry in 2011, we may have a sense that those companies still around will get through the remaining economic struggles. Pest control companies are adjusting by cutting excess spending, reducing credit outstanding and putting aside rainy day cash. Companies are trying to gain relative leverage against bad economic times by diversifying their service portolio and taking advantage of weak spots that they find in their competitors’ positions. Simultaneously, companies are focusing on strong core services that will produce the most profit. Some companies are simply trying to add market share at any price, but adding this revenue will not produce profit. It is a mistake. Companies cannot for long make money by losing money.
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Dr. Robert Reich and How Politics and Pest Control Go Together

November 19, 2010

So yesterday I had the privilege to hear the famous economist, Dr. Robert Reich, speak at the San Diego Workforce Partnership Forum. This non-profit organization put on a very nice event, hosted at Qualcomm headquarters.

Dr. Reich broke the ice with some self-deprecating humor. To the surprise of everyone who had not seen Dr. Reich before, he’s about the same height as Danny DeVito. This has nothing to do with his stature as a man. He is a very smart, articulate man, who has made a career of serving the public.
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