Pest Control Risk Verses Benefits

April 20, 2012

Risk Vs Benefit of Pest Control Jobs

Looking at Risks When You Want Benefits

Pest control technicians are normal people with normal needs. I’ll rank them here.

  • Money
  • Satisfaction of Work Done
  • Recognition
  • Go Back to Money

The job of a pest control manager is to temper that with the risks associated with the benefits that the pest control technician wants to derive. Read the rest of this entry »

Follow Up to Pestpac Technology Meeting

December 18, 2011

After the Los Angeles Pestpac Technology Meeting I went home and did some research. I then went out on a buying expedition, experimenting with different devices and plans that I felt might work for Hearts Pest Management.

Since Hearts Pest Management uses universal technicians, I really needed a mobile solution that would provide a full feature Pestpac experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Los Angeles PestPac User Meeting

October 4, 2011

This morning I’m in Los Angeles attending a PestPac technology meeting. It’s been too long since I last did a detailed analysis of PestPac software and felt it was time to get curreent. I’ve been using PestPac since 2002, having been an early west coast PestPac software evangelist.

Before the internet came to play a huge role in driving pest control service advertisement, it became a tool for internal customer service relationship management. Over the years I have advocated PestPac internet based software for any growing pest control company.
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Hearts Pest Management Produces The Bells and Whistles

August 11, 2011

Hearts Consulting Group and Anastasia Ad Design have rolled out the latest version of the Hearts Pest Management website, incorporating many of the social media features that you can expect from state-of-the-art pest control websites – including gallery, video, blog and forum sections as well as social feedback capability to create a social community around the enterprise.
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Hearts Pest Control Initial Impression of Los Angeles

July 25, 2010

Hearts Pest Management has been operating in Los Angeles for a few months now and I must say it’s been a wonderful experience. Aside from the pest control work, I’ve had a great time exploring Los Angeles. Having come from New York and moving to San Diego, I fell in love with the sense of freedom that comes from the open spaces here on the west coast.
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In Pest Control, Is the Customer Always Right?

July 23, 2010

Any company that does not listen to its’ customers is doomed. …and while many companies say they listen to their customers, the proof is measured by the reaction to customer requests and changes made to satisfy the customers’ concerns.

There are situations presented by pest control that are unique.

1) The pest control technician is licensed and required to abide by both pest control regulations and the pesticide label. The pest control worker must not abrogate the pest control label to satisfy a customer request. Read the rest of this entry »

Take Back My Paycheck!

April 27, 2010

Long ago, in another place and time, I worked at the headquarters of AADP. Josh Weston, the CEO, occasionally gathered all the staff together, thousands of them, for an inspirational meeting. Hanging over the balconies, we anticipated his words of inspiration, as he spoke from the podium in the atrium below. We loved listening to stories about ADP’s past and with excitement awaited word about how our current projects would positively impact the company. He spoke about social goals as well, such as our blood drives supported with vacation time accrual per blood donation and unique volunteer opportunities, such as joining an ADP emergency medical squad. I don’t think it was just me who had the feeling that despite having so many employees, he spoke to us as individuals. He cared about us, our families and our future.
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