Hearts Consulting Service

Hearts Consulting Group, LLC can help your business grow and prosper. We work with companies both within and outside the pest control industry.

Our strengths include a unique blend of:

  • general management
  • product/service development
  • information technology
  • Web Search (SEO, SEM)
  • human resource development
  • standards development
  • business risk management
  • industry specific skills

Being a pest control industry outsider has given me a substantial insight into the problems that plague the industry.

Prior to entering pest control as an operator in 2002, I spent 15 years working for Fortune 100 companies in technology development and management.

My formal education and early work experience was in the social work field . I obtained an M.S.W. (social work) and served as a mental health counselor and in several capacities with the field of addictions counseling.

Combining early social work experiences with experiences in corporations known for strong corporate cultures that have driven growth, such as ADP and Ernst & Young, I am able to bring years of business knowledge from a broad spectrum of America’s best businesses.

Let me and my team simplify and speed the process of sustainable growth with an on-site analysis of your current situation.

You can reach me at gerryw@heartspm.com or by calling 858-486-1006.

I can be contacted at the office of Hearts Consulting Group, LLC, adjoining Hearts Pest Management.

I welcome all your questions and look forward to assisting you.


Gerry Weitz, President
Hearts Consulting Group, LLC

4 Responses to Hearts Consulting Service

  1. I would like to know a list of companies who use Pest Pac and if they are willing to speak to another pest control company interested in using this software.

  2. Gerry says:

    Hello Christina,

    There are thousands of companies, large and small, using Pestpac. I freely give references for Marathon Data’s Pestpac system. I’m sure if you call Marathon Data Systems , the developer of Pestpac, that they will be happy to provide you with a referral list. Feel free to call me with questions about Pestpac, although I’m sure Marathon Data Systems could do a better job answering your quesions.

  3. Rafael Matos says:

    I have been reading comments and explanations in different web sites on Diatomaceous earth and found a knowledgeable explanation by you on its use.  
    I wonder if I can query you about a situation in my household.  

    I accidentally pumped in about a half a pound of pool grade Diatomaceous earth into the water (5,000 gallons) of my pool..  

    The pool water turned murky and after two weeks of daily filtering has cleared up a bit but not completely as the silica grain falls to the bottom when the pump is off and turns the water milky when agitated.

    We have been using the pool frequently in this condition. Is there any health hazard in swimming in this water? 

    Appreciate any help.


  4. Gerry says:

    Rafael, I can only advice that you contact the manufacturer and/or call a pool company. We are not familiar with the use of this product in pools and this is outside my licensed area of knowledge.

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