The Social Networking Boomerang Effect

September 15, 2011

On Sept. 11th, the 10th anniversary of the homocide bombing attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and likely either the White House or Congress, which left several thousand dead, tens of thousands injured and traumatized and the nation in a state of shock, I received a social networking newsletter with a shocking headline. The newsletter is one I have received for a couple of years now. It comes from a landscape company in southern California. I have always enjoyed the newsletter covering landscape issues, but this time I was just blown away.
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New GRAS Repellent Techology from Israel

September 14, 2011

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The latest issue of 21st Century Israel contains an article about a company called BioPack, which is developing a method of using natural repellents in the packaging of food products. This product is not a pesticide and so is not seen to create resistance over time.
Here is an image demonstrating insect avoidance of this natural chemistry.
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