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August 14, 2010

Some of you may be wondering, why all the blogging? It’s unusual for a pest control company, although you see this more and more frequently as a means of communicating a company message. Pest Management Professional Magazine reported this trend toward blogging in the pest control industry. Accompanying all web media is an increased flow of “push media” email to convey the message. Genma Holmes, owner of Holmes Pest Control in Memphis, Tenn. prefers Twitter. You will need a Twitter account to see how she has developed a following with Twitter. (I haven’t figured out Twitter yet, but I’m trying). Of course, Facebook is the latest craze of everyone and every company that wants friends, with approximately one-half billion subscribers!
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I Could Kick Myself! or That’s not the way to run a pest control company!

June 16, 2010

You may not know it until you read my latest article, but I do have a humorous side. You can find the article, “I Could Kick Myself,” in the June digital issue of Pest Management Professional Magazine, page 20.

Kicking oneself seems like a pretty awkward thing to do, but in business, it happens all the time. Any pest control owner…. any company owner or manager who says they haven’t made the same or similar mistakes to the ones I describe in lying! That’s right, an out and out lie!
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Take Back My Paycheck!

April 27, 2010

Long ago, in another place and time, I worked at the headquarters of AADP. Josh Weston, the CEO, occasionally gathered all the staff together, thousands of them, for an inspirational meeting. Hanging over the balconies, we anticipated his words of inspiration, as he spoke from the podium in the atrium below. We loved listening to stories about ADP’s past and with excitement awaited word about how our current projects would positively impact the company. He spoke about social goals as well, such as our blood drives supported with vacation time accrual per blood donation and unique volunteer opportunities, such as joining an ADP emergency medical squad. I don’t think it was just me who had the feeling that despite having so many employees, he spoke to us as individuals. He cared about us, our families and our future.
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A Bee Treatment Policy Is A Must – When To Treat and When NOT to Treat Bees

March 31, 2010

Of all the pests I’ve worked with, bees, if you can call them a pest in some situations, were my greatest fascination when I started my pest control company. There is a certain biological thrill mechanism that goes into high gear when you work with bees. One bee pollinating a flower is a beautiful sight to behold, but experiencing large bee hives in dark, enclosed quarters makes my heart pound. There is so much I’ve learned about bees, but I have so much yet to learn. The first and most important thing to know when working with bees is to respect their place and their power.
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Crunch The Numbers

January 20, 2010

For the new year, I decided that my first Pest Management Professional Magazine article should reflect what I perceive as the mood in the business world and macro-economic problems that have filtered down to mom and pop companies that are trying to make it. The credit market is a huge part of our current economic mess. Part of it is credit card company usury that has gone on far too long, but part of it is simply a general unwillingness to lend. As a result, companies large and small are trimming the fat, from GM and Terminix to your local city pest control company or family restuarant.
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“Um” Is Not A Word

December 10, 2009

I hope you’ve been enjoying my articles in Pest Management Professional magazine. This time I decided to write about a problem in the industry that no one talks about: inadequate writing skills and a lack of respect for written language. This industry plague results in poorly trained technicians, inadequate policy and procedure to guide a company, unhappy customers who don’t know what they are getting for their money and ultimately, lots of unnecessary lawsuits due to miscommunication.
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Seeing The Green Light

November 23, 2009

This month in Pest Management Professional Magazine, you can find my latest contribution, entitled The Green Light. The debate between Right vs. Left, traditional pest controllers vs. environmentalists, global warming deniers vs. global warming watchdogs goes on and on. Read the rest of this entry »

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