Drone Pest Control

February 10, 2013

The Rise of Drones and Homefront Application

In the past few years, with the rise in the use of drones in warfare, there have been some serious discussions about the ethics of these unmanned warriors that patrol the sky. Last week’s Time Magazine cover story, “Rise of the Drones,” asks a very serious question about what happens to our privacy when the drones return home. (These devices are more neutrally known as UAV or UAS – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Systems).

Lev Grossman states, in his Time Mag article, Drone Home, “There’s something uncanny about drones. Flying one is a heady experience, but being watched by one is an eerie, oppressive, somewhat annoying feeling — wielding the Parrot in public will get you a range of reactions, from ‘OMG I have to try that” to ‘Get that giant bug out of my face. They’re machines with ghosts in them, and the ghost is saying, ‘I can see you, but you can’t see me.’ It’s roughly analogous to interacting with an anonymous commenter on a blog: you’re dealing with someone who is both present and absent, who has decided that what they say or do will have consequences for you but not for them.”

Imagine the uses and potential abuses of UALs by our government, the police and private enterprise – tracking the movements of criminals and illegal aliens, movie stars, private detectives working for suspicious spouses.

Drone (UAL) Application in the Pest Control Industry

Let’s drill down to our pest control industry. But first wrap around your mind the fact that drones can be purchased from local stores such as Brookstone and that UALs and other land based UASes are getting smaller every day.
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Unintended Results of a Discontinued Pesticide

September 1, 2012

Many of you know that I came into the industry in 20002 when I purchased Hearts Pest Management. Several years later, I added Hearts Consulting Group, as a means of offering my skills far beyond our company boundaries.

Since day one, I heard all the cries of old timers who spoke about the various tools of the trade that had been taken away from them in the pursuit of a pest free environment. Exterminators constantly railed against environmentalist for their short sightedness. They said that the pests would overwhelm us and we would have new and more virulant pest presence to solve. Perhaps they were right is some ways.

Now the environmentalists rail against the exterminators for their short sightedness. They said that the pesticides were too harsh and were killing organisms that were not targeted, destroying good organisms and in quantities that have irrepairable consequences. And so too they were right in some ways.

Having watched the industry for the past 10 years, I too have seen pesticides go away. The first was diazinon. Later I saw restrictive labeling for Termidor, but not a full on retraction of the label. This past year, I have seen Fumitoxin go away for residential use – a portion of the market far greater than many people realized.
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A Bee Treatment Policy Is A Must – When To Treat and When NOT to Treat Bees

March 31, 2010

Of all the pests I’ve worked with, bees, if you can call them a pest in some situations, were my greatest fascination when I started my pest control company. There is a certain biological thrill mechanism that goes into high gear when you work with bees. One bee pollinating a flower is a beautiful sight to behold, but experiencing large bee hives in dark, enclosed quarters makes my heart pound. There is so much I’ve learned about bees, but I have so much yet to learn. The first and most important thing to know when working with bees is to respect their place and their power.
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Spring Anxiety in the Pest Control Field

February 26, 2010

After a disastrous financial year for business in general and in particular for our pest control industry, we industry leaders and prognosticators look forward with hope and trepidation. The spring season unofficially gets underway in March, just a few days away.

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EcoWise Stakeholder Meeting

February 23, 2010

Today, the EcoWise Certified stakeholders are meeting to review where we have been and where we are going. The landscape of players in the market for certifying green pest control companies has changed. Some say it is for the better and some say it is for the worse.
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Crunch The Numbers

January 20, 2010

For the new year, I decided that my first Pest Management Professional Magazine article should reflect what I perceive as the mood in the business world and macro-economic problems that have filtered down to mom and pop companies that are trying to make it. The credit market is a huge part of our current economic mess. Part of it is credit card company usury that has gone on far too long, but part of it is simply a general unwillingness to lend. As a result, companies large and small are trimming the fat, from GM and Terminix to your local city pest control company or family restuarant.
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Bugs In My Bed

December 4, 2009

Hearts Consulting Group announces the unvailing of it’s first website: www.bugsinmybed.com. This website is really different from other pest control websites in two ways.

1) While there are one or two great bed bug websites, such as Bed Bug Central, the goal of this website is to take a very broad view of the bed bug epidemic, seeing it rather within the context of people who have broad complaints about bugs that get in their beds. Read the rest of this entry »

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