Mea Culpa – Guilty of Shortchanging the Ford F150

So a while back I posted two blog entries about the discontinued Ford Ranger.

1) Fleet Ford Rangers or Tacoma and Other Options
2) Ecoboost My Ranger

At this point, I have to retract most of my concerns about the Ford F150.

Yes, the gas mileage is too low, but having eliminated 7-8 Rangers and replacing them with F150s (3.7 liter engines), I have realized that the gas mileage is not very different. In fact, I get more consistent gas mileage from the F150 than the Ranger.

More importantly, I have had virtually no mechanical problems with my F150s. My pest control technicians are happy with the comfort and with their increased productivity. Turns out, they don’t enjoy sitting around the dealership with their route work building up.

Most importantly, the strength of the F150 has helped us to avoid collision damage. Where now we might have a $50 scratch, in the past we would have had major vehicular and bodily damage. It feels great anytime I can avoid 6 weeks of truck downtime and the fear of an enormous workmen’s compensation claim. If you are not aware, be forewarned that auto insurance does not cover workmen’s compensation claims. Additionally, not all claims get subrogated to the party at fault. If the guilty party has only minimal coverage, you will get stuck with the workmen’s compensation bill. Oh, your insurance will pay and they do understand that you were not the party at fault. Nevertheless, if your insurance company is forced to pay, then you will pay as if your company was the guilty party.

So after 2 years with a new fleet of Ford F150s, I admit, mea culpa, I am happy to be the proud owner of an Ford F150 fleet, regardless of the higher price. I do hope they will get the gas mileage down, but at this point, I don’t think I’d buy an F100, should it ever come out, if the structural integrity of the vehicle is lessened.

One Response to Mea Culpa – Guilty of Shortchanging the Ford F150

  1. Sonny Krout says:

    I prefer the Toyota Tundra….But good article.

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