Bugs In My Bed

Bugs In My Bed, the first website produced by Hearts Consulting Group, is an effort to step back from the bed bug epidemic to start the discussion at the same point where the potential customer begins. The pest control prospect does not wake up in the morning and say, “Damn those bed bugs.” No, he or she says, “Why am I itching?” or “What bit me last night?” There are many potential causes. Sometimes there is more than one cause for the biting, itch or irritation.

Visit Bugs In My Bed for a comprehensive understanding of this topic. You will find information not just on bed bugs, but also on mites, fleas, spiders, parasites and more. The list of possible parasites is enormous. You will also find information on various methods of treatment, from standard and effective treatments to some of the latest IPM innovative approaches.

On this website, you will find information delivered to various audiences. Our goal is to be a resource for many different types of consumers and professionals, as well as being a general educational resource.

There are opportunities to advertise as well. Contact us for advertising opportunities.

Our website will undergo continuous improvements. In the short time the website has gone live, we now receive visits every month from all 50 states and well over 75 countries.

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