Termite Public Service

Termite Public Service is a unique website in the termite sector. This creation of Hearts Consulting Group was designed to be a neutral place, a public service, to those needing termite services.

Hearts Consulting Group, LLC is neither a termite or a pest control company. But we are close to the termite industry, as we interact with termite related professionals all the time. We wanted to be involved in the termite industry in a constructive way without the risks, liabilities and honestly, all the headaches of that business.

So we saw an opportunity to provide this new commercial website. Our only revenue from this website comes from people who see enough value to advertise on the website. Yet we are not beholden to anyone. In fact, you will find information for and from the perspective of termite companies, termite professionals, termite clients, property managers, realtors, attorneys, educators, etc. We hope that no matter what your profession – or perhaps you are a student, you will find something of interest to you when the subject is termites.

We understand that this is a broad topic. Like any website, we don’t think we can possibly be 100% accurate. You should verify all your information sources.

We hope that you will see enough benefits from the website to actually contribute to it, with posts and pages, pictures and videos. We will certainly provide proper attribution to you and your organization.

Much more is to come. Check back for more information and phase II, which will incorporate full directory listing capability.

Check out our other pest specific website: BugsInMyBed.com for information about bed bugs, mites and other creatures that bite when you least expect it. And soon you will see other stimulating and comprehensive information websites on other pests as well.

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