Pest Control Companies – Upward Mobility?

February 17, 2011

Accomplishment comes in many forms. Extra pay is always good. You can’t argue with that… well, that is, if you think your increased pay met your expectation. For most pest control technicians, who need each and every dollar, this is critical.

Promotions are particularly nice. But where is it that you can move up to in a pest control company? Read the rest of this entry »

Pest Control Worker’s Fast Food Lover’s Choice

January 10, 2011

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In-N-Out or White Castle?

Today I was on the phone with east coast pest control managers and operators to talk about bed bugs and their experience with a bed bug freezing device called “Cryonite.” I got some very good input. Call me and I’ll tell you what I learned.
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What is the State of Physical and Mental Health in the Pest Control Industry?

November 28, 2010

For several years now, the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) has held morning physical fitness workouts in the early morning of its’ National Academy. When I last attended the academy, the overwhelming response of fellow participants was that the workout was fun, relevant, engaging and a great team activity. Kudos to the NPMA for opening up members to consider their physical health as an important part of leadership and organizational well-being. As I reflect back on the activity, I think the NPMA approach was a positive and gentle step in the right direction.
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Pest Controller – Honor or Stigma

September 15, 2010

What words do you use to describe the person who does pest control work at your home or place of business?

Sanitation Worker
Bug Man
Bug Killer
Pest Controller
IPM Professional
Nice guy
The guy who does the dirty work

How do I know? They change him every month!
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Mexican Health Care for American Citizens

April 23, 2010

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that “Rising medical needs in the U.S. are creating new opportunities for Mexico’s health care industry…With health care costs in Mexico available at a fraction of U.S. prices, Mexican facilities can help fill a growing demand for services including dentistry, surgery, long-term care and assisted living.”
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Will Barak Obama Support the NRA

June 20, 2009

President Barak Obama significantly improved his conservative credentials today, when he took swift action against an aerial attack on the White House.
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