Wall Street Journal – Pest Control Critters and Companies

February 27, 2013

DO you read the Wall Street Journal? You should. At least today you should. The front page of the WSJ Personal Journal has an article entitled Critter Counteroffensive, highlighting integrated management approaches to rodent control, a leading pest problem sited around the country by pest control companies contacted by Ellen Byron of the Wall Street Journal.

This is very good publicity for the pest control industry and for those pest control companies sited in the article. Where can you get this kind of free publicity and recognition.

Check out the websites of the companies listed:
Wild Removal Services of Austin

Adcock’s Trapping Service

Big Blue Bug Solutions in Providence, R.I

Hearts Pest Management, Inc.

Consider the history, discipline, programs and marketing of these companies. This kind of free publicity doesn’t just happen to the lucky.


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