Hard to Understand Foolish Employee

I often share my feelings about foolish employment practices within the pest control industry.

Without going into detail, this link is about a foolish employee in the pest control industry.

San Diego Critter Removal

This website was created by a pest control technician who had been working for one company (not us) for over 15 years. Facing an economic crunch and personal problems, he or friends working on his behalf, decided to INCREASE his “side job” opportunities. What possesses someone to have such little respect for an employer that provided him with an income – and a very handsome income at that – in excess of 60K as self-described, to do such a foolish thing?

These are the employees in our industry who are walking time bombs. I don’t know whether to call them suicide bombers or homocide bombers. But they certainly kill good old American opportunity for themselves and anyone else who might think they can’t find decent employees, with more foresight and reasoning ability.

There is much work that needs to be done – and it starts with values at a very young age.

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