Post Notes on the Los Angeles PestPac Technology Meeting

Cut to the point, it was a great meeting.

Pestpac has several add-on products that you will want to consider for your pest control organization. BTW, although Pestpac software has been billed as state of the art software for the pest control industry, ergo the name PESTpac, it can be used as a generalist, strong and reasonably priced customer relationship management (CRM) package for many industries, especially the service sector. At the meeting I met a very inquisitive gentleman who owns a company called Poop911. …and that is exactly what they do. They scoop poop! … a great niche market.

Since returning from the meeting I’ve been doing more research on the integration of mobile devices for corporate fleets. The Holy Grail of mobile information access would integrate just about every imaginable need a human could have in a vehicle. Getting all these devices into your vehicle and available for use with customers, in the most convenient, durable and price effective manner has not been an easy nut to crack.

I’m looking for solutions that integrate phone, GPS navigation and tracking, customer relationship management, hands-off data entry and non-distractive fleet communications, without multiple wireless carrier fees, while achieving discounts for purchase/rental of multiple services. Pestpac has created valuable partnerships, including ones that allow it to gain access to cellular data and integrate it into Pestpac. It’s that integration of data into Pestpac that provides that organization with a meaningful advantage over straight solutions from wireless providers. The GPS integration is quite impressive and the connectivity is done in a manner that implemented correctly, can support other wireless devices at a discount. PestPac’s GPS Dispatch allows for additional hands off communication between the field and office using those same navigation and reporting devices.

While many companies have implemented Pestpac mobile handhelds, I am not yet convinced it is the way to go. Pestpac offers fairly tight data security that allows you to put the full power of Pestpac at the route technician’s laptop to the degree that you want to provide the technician with data. The Pestpac handhelds are still far to expensive at $800-1600 per unit. That’s a hefty up front cost. That adds up when you have a fleet of vehicles. The monthly costs are very reasonable. But I can’t see the investment in sturdy handheld devices at those prices when I can buy a fully functional laptop or tablet for $200-400. I’d have to destroy 4 to 8 laptops before I arrive at the cost of one Pestpac recommended and supported handheld device. While the technology delivered on the handheld is highly focused on the needs of a pest control route technician, Pestpac cannot possibly tailor the handheld software to the diverse needs of the industry. Give me a fully functional Pestpac system in the vehicle any day of the week and let me decide what functionality to deliver to the route technician based on security settings.

It is worth delving into the support that Pestpac can offer you today to help run your business. Yet some of the Pestpac add-on products perhaps should be shelved for a year or two until they complete convertion to .net. Currently, Pestpac software operates properly only with the I.E. brower. Once they complete the process of switching to .net, their software as a whole should be open to use on many platforms that are not currently open to it, with all the add-on functionality from handhelds and tablets.

For those expanding their commercial pest control business, check out the commercial add on module, which allows for pest control inspection and reporting drilled down to the room/unit level. That could be extremely valuable for monitoring progress (or the lack thereof) with unit occupants. Think what interesting and valuable information you could provide to support your pest decisions in sensitive accounts such as hospital rooms. During the meeting we were told about a PCO who was able to land a major league stadium contract partially due to the level of reporting they could achieve with Pestpac commercial reports.

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, the Pestpac visual routing software is a must-have. Now, Pestpac visual router no longer requires licensing Microsoft mapping software. Visual routing is accomplished with an integrations with Google internet based mapping solutions.

One last shout-out for PestPac and Marathon Data Systems. These guys are great team. They have excellent sales and support staff. They have done a great job of supporting our business growth. Like “The Borg,” they listen, learn and adapt, with new and better releases all the time. They deserve your calls and business.

I welcome further discussion on the subject.

5 Responses to Post Notes on the Los Angeles PestPac Technology Meeting

  1. kevin lee says:

    Pestpac will be good solution for us…
    to save cost and manage technician…
    Good solution..

  2. Our organization loves PestPac and will continue to use it for years to come. We looked at all the other solutions, and it is by fast the best software out there for exterminators!!

  3. Gerry says:

    I’m in total agreement. The best pest control software on earth. I’ve been using it since my first year in business back in 2002. They deserve a lot of credit!

    Thanks for contributing your thoughts. Justin, tell me, are there any particular add-ons that you are using? What is your experience with those add-on components?

    As per my discussion, I’m doing some experimenting with some non-pestpac hardware/software configurations for the field vehicles, which will still give Pestpac it’s far credit as I ramp up my daytime use of Pestpac licenses from the field. I’ll report more on this shortly.

  4. Tamara says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I have read both your articles. I also met with Doug L. last week. He showed me the Pestpac system. He has Branch 2,3 for Pestpac. I guess I mostly wanted to see the layout and how the termite part operates. Doug did a good job showing me.

    I too feel the hand held is too pricey. Doug also agrees. I would like to see more information about Pestpac so I will call them this week.

    What is the best thing you like about this system?

    American P/C

  5. Gerry says:

    Hello Tamara,

    I’m glad you found value in my blog post on Marathon Data Systems Pestpac software product.

    For me, there are so many “best thing”s about the product. If you are twisting my arm here to come up with the very best thing it is that the product is exceptionally comprehensive yet put together in such a way that it is an affordable solution that scales with your company size. When I started with Pestpac in 2002 my pest control company, Hearts Pest Management, had one route. Now with 10 routes the product is even more valuable. I see no reason why it won’t be our product of choice if and when we had 100 or 1000 routes. There are many add-on products that you can purchase on a monthly or quarterly basis if and when the need arises for them.

    Marathon Data Solutions is staffed by approximately 150 people dedicated to this product and safeguarding your data in ways that an individual pest control operator could never do. The Pestpac folks are really great at customer service and should be able to help you with all your needs.

    Best to you in 2012.


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