Half Time for the Pest Control Season

July is coming to an end and with it we reach the half way point in “the pest control season.” If the pest control company has a well rounded and diversified service offering, the winter can and should be as welcome as the summer. That takes some doing and for most, the pest control season, roughly from April till October is when the bulk of new business arrives.

So how are you doing out there? Sinking or swimming? If you are swimming, you don’t have much time to think other than about how you are going to get in your next stop because you are already double booking. If this is the case, you just need to communicate expectations better about availability. But this is a good problem.

Now if you are sinking, what should you do? I’ve been told by some company VIPs that they were introducing major changes mid-season that would make a big difference in the second half. Not usually a smart idea. Mid-season, companies should be thinking about purely tactical changes – raise or lower a price – get rid of a destructive technician – optimize routes – add a discount offer – tweak wording on incoming calls – provide more time for quality assurance in the field. But new strategic moves should wait till a slower time, when you can test your new ideas with a smaller audience and not upset the cart. Pest control owners should be creating wish lists for implementation over the winter months. Plan well in advance and stick in realistic time lines so that you can fulfill those plans – including staffing and training before the following spring.

Are you making any mid-season moves?

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