Outragiously Funny Pest Control Skit

Time for a break from the serious talk? Check out this outragiously funny pest control video!

Do you have crissantulas in your bathroom?

I could talk about how important it is to reject certain business, as this pest control company did, but nah, let’s just leave ’em laughing.


6 Responses to Outragiously Funny Pest Control Skit

  1. Mel says:

    Ok Tequila was funny! But now I want to hear your comments about the importance of screening phone calls.

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi Brendan,

    I’m glad you expressed your feelings about the skit.

    I want you to know that I kept this blog entry in draft mode for several months. My first instinct was not to publish it. But, ultimately I did and I’ll tell you why.

    A good blog should have interesting and even potentially controversial material to keep up readership. That should not come at the expense of any person or group. The pest control company I own is LGBT friendly. This is not an anti-gay skit. If you consider the romp and open expressions that happen at gay pride parades, this is really mild. There were many times in the past that I have been accused of being thin-skinned. And I have tried not to be so sensitive as to not have a sense of humor. There are a lot of serious topics discussed on this blog and I felt it was an opportunity to present a pest control topic in a light and humorous fashion. Note that the title of the blog post is Outragiously Funny Pest Control Skit. The skit is about an unusual character who calls into a pest control company. Anyone who has worked the office of a pest control company knows that sometimes we get very unusual callers. And I think anyone who has worked at a call center in most any industry gets unusual calls from time to time. So it was actually a very clever skit in that you got to see the unusual caller at the other end and the reactions and frustation felt by the call center. It was interesting to see how long the caller could frustrate the call center. That is why it was outragiously funny and not for any other reason.

    Just yesterday I received a call from a woman whose infant was getting bit by fleas, but the homeowner was astonished that I told her to keep her dog on a leash. I can recall a Buddhist who called in wanting pest control because his non-Buddhist parents were coming, but he didn’t want me to kill the ants. This week I visited a woman who claimed to have mites biting her, but of course she couldn’t see the mites. I entertained the call and went to her house, only to find hundreds of bottles of perscription and non-prescription medications. How much better it would have been if I could see into her house before going on the call? I can recall gooing to the house of a man with an ant problem who appeared at the door in nothing but underpants. I could tell you many other stories. So here we have a character who has a stated pest problem, but something is just not right, and you actually get to see the caller and the anxiety of the pest control company rise. That is what is funny. That is all.

  3. Gerry says:

    Hi Mel,

    You might want to check out my response to Brendan on the “Outrageous Pest Control Skit.”

    You ask a great question that needs to be examined fully. Here I’ll keep it short.

    First, with every new caller, you need to ask yourself if the opportunity represents a potential profit or a potential liability. Unfortunately the answer is usual BOTH! The skill comes in determining where on the bell curve it fits. On one side you have little profit and on the other side you have great liability. In the middle is where you can acheive a good relationship between the pest control company and the prospect.

    Some companies will bend over backward for every call that comes in, bringing in its’ wake some huge liabilities and tremendous waste of time. On the other hand, you have CSRs who think it is their responsibility NOT to bring in business. You know, its’ easy to reject business if it is time to go on a coffee break!

    I think you need some strong policies about when calls get elevated for a higher level of approval and have procedures in place to reduce risk. For example, we always ask if a home has fire sprinklers. The prospect is made aware that we will not go into an attic with a fire sprinkler without a written waiver.

    I try to ask many more social behavior type of questions that I believe are not commonly asked. For example, when I get mite calls I ask certain medical history questions.

    More later.


  4. These situations do happen. This is definitely a funny video and I just can’t help laughing when the wig suddenly went off in some part. But on true situations, home owners are not often this cool when talking to pest control professionals. Spiders are real big deal and we are usually serious when dealing with these kinds of pests.

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