I Have a Voice

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Previously I blogged about King’s Speech, a superb film about an heir to the throne of England who happened to stammer, an impediment for anyone, but woefully disastrous for someone who would be required to speak for the British Empire. The focus of that blog entry was on having the will to overcome personal impediments to personal growth and success.

There is so much more one can garner from truly listening to this film, with all the passion it has to offer. Please listen closely to this trailer.

When you see a good film or read a good book, or listen to an eloquent speaker, it really behooves us to take the time to dissect it for all its’ worth. Tonight I was thinking about this one line, “I have a voice!”

Don’t we all have a voice that can’t wait to express itself? We all have so much to say, if only we felt ok to say it. It’s not just the evangelist that wants to shout out loud. We all have an inner passion that drives us to great heights. It doesn’t really matter that great heights vary in orders of magnitude from one person to the next. We all want to be heard. But too often fear stands in the way.

How have you let your fears stand in the way of your voice? Ironically, I believe that many people are not so much afraid of speaking their mind as they are of saying too much. If we said what was truly on our minds, would we be rejected? Would our pleas be laughed at? Would we be ridiculed for our opinions? Would we lose face with people who support us now if we didn’t get it out perfectly? What enemies would we create? All these fears are real. All these things could and do happen.

It is a known fact writers accept that once their opinions are in print they will be criticized. There will be people who don’t like what they say. There will be people who don’t like how they say it. There will be people who think they should talk about other things.

Not that diplomacy isn’t a virtue. Nevertheless, if you are going to write or speak about anything, you will create a tension that can and perhaps even should create dessension. If you don’t, you probably wrote or spoke in a very wishy-washy tone. In that case, you’ll be condemned for being boring!

So speak your mind! Have a voice!

As I learn more and more about blogging, I have come to realize that it is much about having a voice. There aren’t many other communication vehicles as independently liberating as having a blog. I think you have seen that this particular blog contains entries that you’d never find in an industry magazine; not because the entries are unworthy. It is because they dare to be worthy. They dare to stand out as unusual, different, iconoclastic, passionate, perhaps even embarrassing. It’s all that and more. Recently I have even wondered if the accumulation of pest control industry blogs are becoming a more interesting daily, weekly and monthly read than our industry leading magazines. Don’t get me wrong. To be both diplomatic and truthful, I’ve seen some damn good writing in both PCT and PMP. But I could also make a good case that the pest control industry blogs are coming up in the standings. Bloggers can get out the message quickly, without the reviews, critique and impediments that stand in the way of industry journals and newspapers. Blogging and other social media is revolutionary. It is social media that sparked revolutions in the Middle East. Wouldn’t it be amazing if social media created a “new industrial revolution?”

So, what is your voice? Where is your voice? When will we hear your voice? There is room in the pest control industry for many voices, from management, owners, workers, customers, the community, the environmentalists and regulators, the certifying organizations. Each one of us in the industry comes with our own qualities and God-given gifts. I hope you will find the strength and courage to share your gifts. You have a voice!

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