Pest Control Companies – Upward Mobility?

Accomplishment comes in many forms. Extra pay is always good. You can’t argue with that… well, that is, if you think your increased pay met your expectation. For most pest control technicians, who need each and every dollar, this is critical.

Promotions are particularly nice. But where is it that you can move up to in a pest control company? Are you looking to be a pest control field supervisor? Are you hoping to be promoted into the office, so you can give your body a rest from back-breaking work? Regarding that promotion, have you ever had a promotion without a raise? It can happen. Although it doesn’t put food on the table immediately, it may sooth the ego…. and let’s face it, we all have egos. You might be in a situation where you are given the extra responsibility without the title. It’s called the “prove yourself” way to promotion.

So I was just wondering, in your pest control company, do you feel like you have upward mobility? How do you prove that you are ready for the next raise or promotion? Is there a way to move laterally, from say pest control into termite work, if that will help you advance?

Take the survey and let us know.

If you are dissatisfied with the potential for upward mobility in your pest control company, what could you do to change that? How much of it is your responsibility to get ahead? Should you wait for your company to supply education or are you taking steps to get ahead even if your company seems to be holding you back? Do you think you’d be in the same situation or even worse by switching companies? Do you think it will be necessary to find an entirely new career?

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