Overwhelming Force and Patience

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On day 8 of my vacation in Israel, we visited the Golan Heights, where we arrived at a stunning historical site called Gamla. Perhaps some of you are familiar with a place in the southern Negev desert called Masada (a strategically located mountain fortress), where Jewish resistance held up against the Romans for three years, from 67 C.E to 70 C.E. Gamla is a similar location on the Golan heights, where the Jewish fighters held off the Roman legions for a year in 67 C.E. The location on a lone peak, can only be approached from one direction and only with extreme difficulty.
Gamla has one of the most amazing views of the Kinnereth (the Sea of Galilee).
You needn’t be Christian to appreciate the spiritual beauty of the surrounding locations and understand how inspired one could be, while standing or sitting here, listening to a spiritual message.

The Romans practiced an extreme brutality, overwhelming force, and I might add, tremendous patience to overcome their enemies. I think you can see this in many times and places. Surely, the Romans suffered tremendous losses to conquer this location. In business, there are perhaps not superior, but certainly larger entities that can exercise superior might, superior longevity, superior resources and cash reserves to enable superior patience in achieving objectives. How can a business overcome such opposing odds against survival? Usually the answer is that you can’t survive. Usually the choices are death one way or the other, except when you join forces with your opponent, which is a different kind of death. Small forces must be extremely mobile and use their size to their advantage. In the open terrain of Israel, this was not always possible, unlike the juxtaposed terrain in a country like Vietnam.

What can you do differently, more swiftly, but not foolheartedly, that cannot be quickly copied and copied better by such giants as Terminix, Renttokill, Truly Nolen or Orkin? Is your best bet to stay off their radar? Is that even possible in this day and age? In my own pest control business, Hearts Pest Management, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are developing a growing brand, it won’t be possible to stay off their radar. You may even be admired for being on their radar. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, general blogging and other website presence shouts loud “Here I am.” There are no easy answers. Hopefully, if these larger entities come after a small company, they are looking to do so in a way that maintains a good public image and a good industry image. With the resources at their disposal, they can choose to attack and overwhelm their competition in the manner of an Abraham Lincoln or that of a Julius Ceasar. Destruction is a messy process with unknown consequences for all. In business as in war, the longer range view toward a gentle absorption of the competition is better than demolishing them.

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