Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Ok, I should know that no news is good news, but I do worry more than I should, which cuts into the happiness. But, my son is calling into the Hearts pest control team and he assures me that the team is getting the pest control inspections, selling the pest control inspections (which is even better), and is now getting caught up on paperwork. Ok, so I log in and see that the paperwork is already done! That means the money is posted and I needn’t worry about payments already scheduled. My confidence goes sky high that the team is as good as I thought, maybe even better, as they rise to the challenge running the show without me. (Perhaps they’ll ask me why I need to come back. LOL

So, days 3-4 in Israel. Yesterday we were in Haifa, which is not the most holy or spiritual, actually more on the industrial side as a very large seaport. Yet, I must say that it is less spiritual only relative to Jerusalem… and it depends to whom you speak.

The Bahai temple, in my opinion one of the wonders of the the world, together with the Bahai gardens, dominate the mountainside landscape, from the mountain top of Mt. Carmel, down to the base at the port.

Across from a Bahai education center stands a Jewish Kabbala (mystical Judaism) Center. Next to the Bahai welcome center stands a typical office, but the sign is rather unique. I don’t remember the exact words…. but to the effect of: Center for the psychological and spiritual healing of holocaust survivers and the second generation (as the children of survivors are well documented to be very emotionally traumatized by the experiences of their parents).

On a light note, we found a great cafe on the top of Mt. Carmel and had the most amazing dessert, something like a pecan pie (my favorite), but made with pistachios and apricot. The view from on top of Mt. Carmel to the port below is stunning, but I got an incomparable view at night with the city lights below set against a full moon.

In the morning, we had Shakshooka, a local dish.
We’ve had it twice now and intend to have it several more times before we leave in order to find the best we can find in the time we have. Shakshooka is a delicious local breakfast of of semi-hard boiled eggs presented in a pan simmering with stewed tomatoes, onions and middle eastern spices. Trust me, you’d love it. Tw combined that with wonderful grain bread and the best capaccino. There is a reason why Starbucks did not do well in Israel. Here, they know how to make great coffee, exceeding even Starbucks, hands down.

Briefly, traveling up the coast, we stopped in the Crusader/Turkish constructed port of Akko, where we saw all the actual locations associated with the prison breakout scene from the true story depicted in the book and hit film, Exodus, with Paul Newman. We went into an authentic Turkish bathhouse (keeping all our clothing on). Later, we went up to coast to a museaum at Kibbutz Lochamai HaGhettaot (Kibbutz of the Ghetto Fighters). This place was founded by civilians who resisted the Germans during WWII in the Warsaw Ghetto. (I can’t tell you enough about this museum. You just have to experience it).

Lastly, we made it to Nahariyah, another beautiful coastal town where we found a “Fedor’s Choice” restaurant called Ida’s by the seashore. The food was as good if not better than the best we have back in San Diego. Finally, we are now resting for the night on a kibbutz that I actually visited when I first came to Israel at age 15, fourty years ago.

Layla Tov (good night)


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