Pest Control Worker’s Fast Food Lover’s Choice

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In-N-Out or White Castle?

Today I was on the phone with east coast pest control managers and operators to talk about bed bugs and their experience with a bed bug freezing device called “Cryonite.” I got some very good input. Call me and I’ll tell you what I learned.

Anyway, the funny part of the conversation with one PCO was when he heard I was living in San Diego. “I’d trade all the New York bed bugs for an In-N-Out burger.” The pest control operator went on to complain about White Castle burgers. I confided that as a former New Yorker I knew just what he meant. If you are unfamiliar with White Castle, it’s quite a New York tradition. White Castle burgers are really weird. Everyone knows that the burger is aweful, but there is something compulsive about buying them. It’s like a hot dog eating contest or perhaps like a video game. There is simply a compulsion to see how many you can eat of these little things that, well, when I was a kid sold for .12 cents per burger. Few kids would buy less than 6 burgers, but to be a he-man you needed to have at least 12! But it wasn’t uncommon to see people ordering 24.

Which do you prefer? IN-N-Out burgers? Or White Castle? Or do you have another traditional favorite? I think you will all agree that know group of people know better than pest control technicians, who love to break for a burger during the daily route.

3 Responses to Pest Control Worker’s Fast Food Lover’s Choice

  1. Gerry says:

    Peter wrote on Facebook, “White Castle… “It’s What you Crave” is my top choice.

    As you know Gerry we call them ‘Slyders’ as well, perfectly implying, that they slide down your throat down to your stomach without a hitch.”

  2. Gerry Weitz says:

    Another comment coming from Ted on Facebook,”Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, we only had White Castle. I thought the term “slider” came from that burger’s tendency to slide out of its open-faced box, usually in an inopportune place, like the front seat of your car. Having tried both, I’d give In-N-Out a slight edge. The new upstart: Five Guys Burgers, coast to coast…”

  3. Burgers seem more fun in america, here its quarter pounder or half pounder, bacon and burger lol….. mind you, I am pretty sure that if I was eating some of the foods I see over there id be about 6 stone heavier! lol

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