EBoss Watch – Top 10 Worst Bosses

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This morning, as always, I scrolled through the AOL homepage feature stories, some of which I find very interesting, even compelling reading. It’s a great way to start off the day.

This morning, there was a feature story about the “Top 10 Worst Employers”, developed from a review of a website called EBoss Watch .

The worst cases apparently involve sexual or racial harassment. Underlying the sexual and racial harassment is clearly one common personality flaw. These worst case bosses all felt that their position not only gave them authority, but the privilege to enforce clearly immoral rules of employment, dictating, finagling, bribing and financially threatening employees for personal gratification. The positon seems to have given these offenders the sense that all their past grievances against the opposite sex or another group of people can be played out in their workplace according to their privately held rules.

In a nutshell, it’s all about power. Perhaps assuming power just brings out the worst in some of us. If you’ve been down in life, it’s easy, too easy, to think that power has privilege and now it is time for someone else to suffer. Sometimes, when in positions of power, it is possible to step over a line of conduct unintentionally. The simplest way to stay out of trouble as an employer is to remember that leaders to not act from a position of power but rather from their ability to empower others.

Being an employer should be, needs to be, about professional dream fulfillment, not personal neurotic, psychopathic, deviant or power based dream enactment. It is best when becoming an employer is more than about professional dream fulfillment. It is best when it becomes about:
1) empowering people toward team goals
2) the professional dream fulfillment of others
3) building better lives. I call this the win-win-win (for oneself, ones employees and ones customers (and community).

An employer should never, ever be about flaunting ones own power at the expense of those who enter into good faith legal work agreements.

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