Balancing Revenue and Risk

Today is one of the worst weather days I’ve ever seen in San Diego. Hearts Pest Management pest control trucks have by-and-large been pulled off the roads. On days like today, there is a lot of service stop juggling to other days and times. Hearts Pest Management will carefully weigh the risks of conducting follow-ups and special service calls. The company certainly wants to please its’ customers, but it also has a civic responsibility to not endanger the public, not create conditions on the roads that have a heightened likelihood for accident and chemical spill. There are a lot of crazy drivers on the road. Back home in NY, we learned how to drive in slippery conditions. Here in Southern California we encounter many needless accidents caused by over-confident drivers unskilled in wet weather driving.

Every company has to measure the pros and cons for itself. Perhaps another company will obtain a job because we were not out on the roads, but at least I won’t be visiting my employees in the hospital or worry about damage we could do the another vehicle and passengers. Just as I tell technicians that they need to think beyond their next paycheck, to act professional, it is equally important that employers not worry so much about where their revenue is coming from to do foolish things. Risk taking is a statistical game. Sooner or later, that risk is not going to work in your favor. Beware.

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