Pest Control Summer Recap

The summer pest control season will be over soon. Hopefully we’ll have an “Indian Summer” that extends into September and October. As the rush of new customers winds down, have you considered what went right and what went wrong?

Did your team hold up to the pressure? Did the team remain a team or did players operate as individuals, out for their own narrow interests?

Did they get the job done with minimal call-backs and customer complaints?

Were you successful at generating leads and encouraging team members to assist is lead generation?

Did you provide the logistical and moral support to empower and propell your team to high achievement?

Did you set and meet revenue and customer acquisition targets?

This is a very important item: Did you avoid injuries and liabilities?

Did you plan or were you rolling by the seat of your pants? (For most of us it’s a combination of the two).

Well, now is the time to start evaluating the team, including yourself. The summer months are such an important time for pest control growth. It always tests the strengths of the company and uncovers all manner of weaknesses. I should say that while there should be a formal plan and evaluation, at Hearts Pest Management, the norm is continuous evaluation. Each day, goals are monitored, new opportunities are discussed and there is a constant re-evaluation. We do not wait for a given time of the year to change course.

Take the time now to meet with supervisors, key players and some if not all of your line staff. You can learn many things by listening to the groundswell of noise in an organization from the bottom up.

It’s very important that you keep an open mind during the evaluation process, otherwise, you will find answers that you already have. You must be aware that the questions you ask guide the answers you will receive. Don’t go down that silo. Your staff will have many ideas about how to improve the organization. Some may be precious nuggets. Don’t throw them away.

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