“Um Is Not A Word” – Quote by Judge Judy

At home, we love watching TV star, Judge Judy. I enjoy listening to the competing points of view. Invariably, the winner understands the rules, has all the details handy and the loser is verbally stuck with an “Um” while scrambling to cover up the lack of supporting evidence.

Does Judge Judy provide a lesson to be learned by the pest control professional?

Common speech is inaccurate and thoughtless. Judge Judy, forgive me for contradicting you, but “Um” is the most common word in the English language. We speak unprepared all the time! What better a word to describe this lack of preparation?

I believe wholeheartedly that the most common reason that small businesses fail is lack of written procedures. Writing policy forces the manager to think rather than emote. The spoken language is all about emotions. Supervisor tells supervisee, “I don’t like your work!” Supervisee wonders, “What did I do?”

While the spoken word may be a very clear “Your Fired!” it does not answer the question of why.
To get at why the employee was fired, you need rules. Rules that are remembered are rules that are written.

New pest control operators starting out in business must be keenly aware of the danger of liability, financial disaster and destruction of morale that occurs when they do not properly communicate rules for the company to live by.

Too often, the pest control owner procrastinates, improperly delegates or simply has no plan to address the important process of codifying business rules. No pest control business can survive without solid rules and procedures that the labor force is able to clearly understand and that can create a basis for compliance. You need written rules that can be followed and are dependable. “Um” is not a written word.

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