HEATKTE – A Sam Walton acronym

At Walmart, the acronym HEATKTE reflected the perspective of Mr. Sam. HEATKTE meant “high expectations are the key to everything.” The acronym applied to both the results and the means to get there, through the labor force. You can bet that at Walmart, when a goal was set the expectation was that it was going to be met. Just as important was the means to get there.

Mr. Sam believed in people, so much so that he believed he could get ordinary people to do extraordinary things. On the road to getting there, he needed to empower his workers, both front line and management. By not only setting high expectations externally but by also finding those internal motivators, he created an army of believers. They called them “intreprenuers,” employees who believed that even though they weren’t the boss, they were in fact important company stakeholders. Many of these employees today are Walmart multi-millionaires.

While one can not expect to repeat the exact formula of Walmart, which had its’ explosive growth many years ago, one can glean lessons for business today.

What are you doing to empower your pest control workforce toward company goals? Are you creating a win-win scenario for your pest control workers?

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