What’s Wrong? Pest Control Company, Pest Technician, or Both

The following pest control application received on the web is typical of many I receive:

“I currently work for (recognized large pest control company name) since x/2010, i am a (floating) tech. I work with termites and pest control along with doing special services including bed bugs, bees, fleas, etc. I am intrested in working for a good company who pays good and that the managment cares about me as well as for the customers. I love this industry along with the people who come with it. But where I’mm at there is no room to move around, the managment has little respect for us. So it is time to get with a good company.”

What’s wrong here? Is this top name pest control company that bad. Possibly so. There are reasons for bad employee morale. If employees are bad mouthing the company because they feel disrespected, they probably are. Then again, employees need to act in such a way as to engender respect. It’s a two way street. This employee has only been with big name company for a few months and has learned a new trade. That alone is worth a thank you. Unless there are noticable ethical violations or the company is violating state/label rules and regulations, I would think the employee should give it a year.

The first thing the employee wants is a company that pays good. That should never be mentioned in a job application. It is a really bad sign. Then he wants to change management. This employee does not seem to understand that he needs to think, speak, and act with respect for the company that has made an investment in him. Clearly, based on the composition, the employee could have better academic skills. Pest control technicians need substantial reading skills. At times, their writing skills can be critical to forming a successful customer agreement. Lastly, this employee clearly lacks emotional intelligence. Sadly, he is like millions of other job applicants: under-educated and peaked out at a very young age because they refuse to look in the mirror, do the hard self-analysis and listen to good advice they have most likely received many times but been too lazy to put into practice.

Returning to the pest control company that hired this individual, I think the remedy is: 1) aim higher. Pest control technicians can’t simply be licensed bodies that you shove into a truck and tell to go spray. 2) I am sure there needs to be a management make-over, with more thoughtful and educated managers who can see out of the box they have gotten themselves into. 3) Thinking to the future of pest management, this type of employee will have a very hard time understanding what green pest control is all about. This gentleman is not what we in the industry refer to as “the 21st century pest control technician.”

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