In Pest Control, Is the Customer Always Right?

Any company that does not listen to its’ customers is doomed. …and while many companies say they listen to their customers, the proof is measured by the reaction to customer requests and changes made to satisfy the customers’ concerns.

There are situations presented by pest control that are unique.

1) The pest control technician is licensed and required to abide by both pest control regulations and the pesticide label. The pest control worker must not abrogate the pest control label to satisfy a customer request.

2) The pest control technician must resist a tendency of a small minority of pest control customers who believe that they can do whatever, so long as pesticide has been applied. Such a customer will cause the pest control worker to use much more pesticide than would be needed, if only the customer was a willing partner who readily participated in the solution. This is where skills in pursuasion are critical for the pest control technician. Integrated Pest Management is a team effort where the customer and the pest control company come together with a step by step approach by both parties to solve pest problems with minimal invasiveness.

3) Never cut short safety measures to satisfy customer demand. For example, at Hearts Pest Management we have a policy that two people must be present for jobs involving extension ladders. If that requires a second trip, so be it. Customers are not exposed to information and statistics on such matters as the insidence of falls during pest control operations. The pest control worker and pest control company needs to take charge of this as part of their professional responsibility and help educate the customer as to the dangers.

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One Response to In Pest Control, Is the Customer Always Right?

  1. Keith says:

    Well executed article, informative and to the point. If you don’t take care of your customer someone else will.

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