The Ant Season has Finally Arrived – But Are You Ready?

Each year in southern California, the pest control industry waits for the ant season. Sometimes the ant season starts in April and sometimes it doesn’t arrive until July 4th. Yes, if bad luck rules, than we wait for July 4th, but sure as the sun will shine, the ants come out by July 4th, en mass. So I thought, until this year, when we had to wait for July 9th before the ant season truly started.

But now, with calls flooding in, my question is: Was your company ready? I’ve spoken about the need to plan. And your company plan can’t just be planning to make a lot of money. What really was your plan? Did you plan to grow 10%? That’s a good goal, but how? So you planned to grow by concentrating sales in areas least effected by the economic crisis or by investing in route optimization to make your workers more efficient or by training your workers to cross-sell. Or was it simply a pipe dream, with no real implementation plans?

If so, you’re too late. For the most part, now is the time to execute a well conceived and tested plan. What you lacked in plans you’ll need to make up for with sweat and tears. Push, push, push. Ok, I’m a New Yorker and we are known to be very pushy. But that is the only thing that will work… if you have no plan.

But, when the season is over and you ask yourself if there was a better way to run your business, you should think about getting help. It could be from a consulting company like Hearts Consulting Group or it could be from the consulting company down the block. But you need to think about getting some outside help. It’s not just lazy thinkers who need outside help. We all need it once in a while. Otherwise, what do we have to rely upon other than those same dusty brain cells that got us here. Sometimes you need to go outside yourself to improve what’s inside. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. It doesn’t make you less of a person to ask for help. It is a crime to continue down a failed path.

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