Is Everything Getting Harder?

If you’ve been in business the last several years, you may think that being in business is only getting harder each year. The tax man is taxing more. Employees are demanding more. Customers are refusing anything that isn’t “green.” Competition is fierce. Marketing is so very complex. This may all be true, but we have faced harder times.

If you lived during the depression, you lived in harder times. If you fought in the big ones (WWI, WWII), you lived in harder times. If you lived under Jim Crow, you lived in harder times. If you came to the U.S. from just about anywhere else, you lived in harder times. If you lived without TV, computers or the internet, you lived in harder times.

Short of another nuclear bomb explosion, I can safely say that the world has faced more difficult challenges. Who ever said life was easy? I don’t think times are that much harder, so much as we get more tired as the years go by. It becomes daunting to face challenge after challenge. This year I have been inspired by two people I know personally who have dealt with cancer like heroes, making every day count, not giving up hope.

None of us can afford to give up hope for better days ahead. In Israel they have found several expressions that embody a spirit of endurance. They say, “yeyeh tov,” translated as, “It’ll be better,” for just about any bad situation. They have a very famous spiritual expression, “B’shanah haba b’Yerushaliym,” meaning “Next year in Jerusalem.” When times were bad, well just about anywhere given the nature of anti-semitism through the years, there was always hope that we will all arrive at a place and time of peace. Then when the Israelis really need to stand up and fight, there is another expression, “Ayn brarah,” which is to say, “There is no alternative.” Those are fighting words.

I suggest that as we face the future, we remember that times will be better, that we will arrive at a better place, all of us, and lastly, that there is no alternative but to fight for our homes, family, community, nation and the world, that we pull through difficult economic hardships and take necessary actions to deal with threats to world peace.

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