Spring Anxiety in the Pest Control Field

After a disastrous financial year for business in general and in particular for our pest control industry, we industry leaders and prognosticators look forward with hope and trepidation. The spring season unofficially gets underway in March, just a few days away.

Many companies no longer exist or are half their former selves. Pest control companies that stayed out of termite work didn’t have nearly the troubles of termite focused companies in 2009. But now the big termite companies are realizing that those monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly cha-ching maintenance accounts sound pretty darn good. Some are only now attempting to get into the landscape market. Others think they can garner customers with a quicky greenwash called GreenPro. It’s amazing how green you can quickly become with the GreenPro click of the finger. Competition has come from big new entries into the termite market with rediculously low prices. It’s hard to believe that quality service can happen at some of the low prices appearing in the termite market. Consumers beware. The common sentiment is that quality and warranties will drop and prices will rise as competitors are cut from the market by insanely competitive pricing. While most companies raised prices prior to the recession, $29 service offers are appearing on medium sized home door hangers. These bottom fishers are not Walmart and their prices will not last in this high liability field.

Hearts Pest Management will continue to not be the lowest cost provider. We will continue to do what we do best, which is to assess, consult and provide package pest control programs across a broad range of pest issues. We are excited about our entry into Los Angeles, believing that the farther up the coast we get, the more we will find green pest control customers who love our message that there are people in the field who don’t see killing as their focus, but rather healing of an environmental imbalance.

The game is on. While we are far from our bigger rivals, we are ready for the arena of public opinion and enjoy the challenge before us.

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One Response to Spring Anxiety in the Pest Control Field

  1. Thos003 says:

    Great write up. We are fortunate not to have been hit too hard by the economy. I didn’t even consider that it was partly because we don’t have a big termite base. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    I have to agree with your sentiment on a membership to a “certificate club” that is dependent on you paying to get in, and wha-la here is your certificate of achievement…?

    And on we go… Let those that service the public best win.

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