Japanese Ants

Yesterday I was enjoying the most marvelous sushi at a local Japanese restaurant near my offfice, when suddenly from the side of my sushi plate came a lone scout ant. Other people might have been furious, but I just rubbed it off and went on eating. It really didn’t bother me. I’ve eaten ants before so why not now. But I did pass up this high protein delicacy. As any pest control professional would, my thoughts moved to dreams of a heavy ant season this spring. Perhaps this was a good omen of infestations to come?

Is it aweful that I am hoping for an heavy seasonal infestation of ants? If you are in pest control, you understand. For those that aren’t, just accept the fact that we like earning a living. At least we are not making a living as undertakers. We protect the public, providing people with peace of mind, when they would otherwise come unwound or worry about diseases that they might contract.

So with the economy down as it is, we in the profession hope that our customers will continue to rely on us for pest control service. Pests don’t distinguish between good and bad economic times. You really don’t want to be fighting ants with Raid this year. As for some of the newer pest control products on the Home Depot DIY shelf, don’t try it. Most of the time, the pesticide is improperly applied. You get it on your clothing and skin. Worse yet, it can get in your eyes. You might breathe in a heavy dose. Many years ago, before joining the field of pest control, I developed a case of bronchitis from accidently breathing in paint (Rustolium) that I was using to renovate my home gutters. Chemicals with potential toxic impacts are found everywhere, in quantities that will do damage to those that are not trained in their use and who are not following all the required safety precautions. Furthermore, pest control companies use proper disposal techniques.

So this year, do what is best for you, your family and for the earth. Call a licensed pest control company. We will be sure the ants are not on your sushi plate or in your tuna sandwich.

Out of sick curiosity, does anyone out there have any restaurant pest stories to tell?

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