Can door-to-door sales ever be quality sales?

Yes, if the critieria is revenue in the door. No, if the criteria is revenue out the door.

Too often, companies are jumping in with aggressive door-to-door sales. While this may work in building tight territories, inevitably the door-to-door salesperson, hard pressed to earn a living, battles the prospect to the sales closing. In doing so, the pest control company obtains a quasi-reluctant customer, ready to head out the back door at the first sign of false promises. After all, the customer probably wasn’t wanting to buy in the first place.

Now let’s look at door-to-door sales in a recessionary market. If break even point after all the costs of maintaining a door-to-door sales team is roughly 3 years, it is highly likely that the customer who was aggressively acquired in good financial times with an easy credit market are now running out the back door when they realize they can not manage their house bills. The pest control company not only falls short of the break even point, but they incur many other expenses, having grown an infrastructure and debt load for a now fast depleting asset. If customers are have trouble managing mortgage payments, are they really going to keep their pest service?

Woe to those pest control companies that have been feeding off new, young homeowners that were over-leveraged.

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4 Responses to Can door-to-door sales ever be quality sales?

  1. thos003 says:

    Hey Gerry,

    You make some good points on Door to Door sales… basically its not cheap and many door to door pest control companies end up selling out to Orkin or Terminix because they can’t run the pest control side of it and stay above water. So they dump the company for a huge chunk of change to the big guys.

    But… for solid pest control companies that can maintain the customers, lets say for 5 years or more, then you may go negative for the first couple of years, but the long term pay out is there… but don’t go telling everyone about our little ace in the hole.

    FYI… You have moved up in your ranks! I now see you at number 16 for San Diego Pest Control! That’s huge especially considering that you have a couple of million competitors for that keyword. Hopefully those links I gave you are helping.

    Make it a great day!

    – Thomas B.

  2. Gerry says:

    Thanks again for your thoughtfully constructed reply.

    We would all love to have customers stay for 5 years. It used to be that the average homeowner moved every 7 years. I wonder what that statistic is now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is down to 5 or less.

    I have been very impressed with the growth of door-to-door companies, but not with the quality of service these companies have. Can it be done? I don’t know.

    For me, the organic growth seems the best. It provides me with the time I need to develop and monitor the employee environment. In an industry with such high liability, I balance my growth with risk management.

    Thanks again for checking out our site.


  3. thos003 says:

    Organic is better no doubt about it.

    Congrats you are now at #13!

    -Thomas B.

  4. Gerry says:

    If you keep this up, I won’t need to look at my web analytical tools to check my pest control rankings. Maybe I should hire you for SEO! LOL!

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