The Safe Haven of Diversification

Please comment on my February 2009 contribution to Pest Management Professional on page 22. The termite industry is really in serious trouble. I hope this article encouraging diversification away from the termite industry will help even one PMP to think differently about the problem.

Here is a highlight from the artice: “The termite industry is in the eye of a Tsunami of technological, natural, economic and perceptual changes and it’s up to us to adjust. If we don’t we are going to be swept away by the ever-rising tides.”

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One Response to The Safe Haven of Diversification

  1. Gerry says:

    Looking back at this post two years later, I hope some companies took this article to Heart (so to speak). So many companies, especially termite centric companies, have faltered, failed and flopped. Leading industry figures are predicting well above normal merger and acquisition activity this year. Prices have dropped significantly for termite work and competition has resulted in destruction of bottom-line financial results. That failure, especially that of old timers who thought their businesses were more secure has driver many out of business.

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