Pest Control in a Bad Economy

Consumers, please be advised that there are many pest control companies that especially in bad economic times will cut corners on your service, using less or no product.  When I first came into the industry I heard about a company whose supervisors told the workers that they only had so much product to use and if they ran out before the end of the month to use water!  I also hear about fumigators that don’t use enough product to successfully do the job. 

Pest control can be very helpful when it comes to giving you peace of mind about your situation, but don’t be fooled by cut rate prices.  Perhaps something is missing in the mix!

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8 Responses to Pest Control in a Bad Economy

  1. Billy Mac says:

    Great job with the blog Gerry….hope all is well out there on the west coast from over here on the east coast!

  2. bradbartlett says:

    Good morning Gerry,

    Congratulations on setting up your blog. I will be sure to check in regularly. The whole price v. value thing has always been of interest to me. A quote comes to mind, I think from Oscar Wilde, “Too many people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Thomas B. says:

    Nice Quote Brad!

    We always get a chuckle when we see our competitors start to cut prices down to $30 or $25 a month. We know they can’t survive long at those rates and that something in their service is lacking if they can survive at that rate.

    While going to school I worked as a wedding photographer. You know, I actually lost a job by bidding too low. Last time I made that mistake. It wasn’t that my quality wasn’t good enough, but the price I put on the service made them wonder. In fact, I got the best compliments and most referrals from my higher paying photography clients versus the bargain shoppers that I bent over backwards to accommodate. Now some of that is perception. But a lot of that goes back into what you are paying. Those little extra touches that attention to detail, all of that comes at a cost.

  4. Gerry says:

    Thank you for adding to this pest control blog. Your comments are appreciated.

    We recently beat out both Terminix and Ecolab on a nursing home bid, and we bid higher! It was a thrill to have customers who appreciate the concept of value over price.

    I see how well you are doing at Bulwark and I admire you for the employee program you have created. Bravo!

  5. Buster says:

    When cut-rate goes too far, it ends up hurting everyone involved – not just the customer who got poor service, but in the long run, the company that provided that poor service.

    And we need to remember that we may need to explain to the customer the value we are providing, and educate them on our services.

  6. Things are pretty tough here in the UK too, several of my customers have gone bust and last year’s summer was very wet so we got very few wasps’ nests.

  7. Gerry says:

    Thank you for visiting our pest control blog. Everything is rough all over.

    I hope you’ll check out my most recent posts, which include my links to my articles in Pest Management Professional Magazine. My February article focuses on diversification as a way of avoiding financial disaster.

    There are many companies here that are going under or struggling. The termite sector has been hit extremely hard. Using internet SEO (search engine optimization) can help reduce your advertising costs. This is where customers are looking for us. Forget the yellow pages.

  8. Greg "gopher killer" Sharp says:

    Gerry, Nice site, best web site home page I’ve seen/experienced in a long time, a credit to your past. Pest co’s cutting corners, to make gross margins. Well the key word is Control for some companies, maybe they should adopt the word eradication. To make ends meet in slow economy times (sales) we need to review our cost purchases, seek out other suppliers, review our ratio of active ingredient to what we’re mixing, or is the product available in a higher concentrated rate for a lesser price, or maybe switching to a generic. Also “value add” products to current services and suggest ways for the consumer to actually save dollars for their yard labor maintenance, ie PGR’s or pre emergent. Service to the consumer, providing them with knowledge, maintaining “best practices”, controlling inventory and expenses, selling value added packages to existing and past accounts, creating a niche market “eco-wise”. Consumers are being misled by the retail box store employees, many who only know what the rep tells them, which maybe good for PCO’s, but that the market arena you need to tap into. The DIY’er who maybe spending too much, applying too much (their mindset is: more is better) and not even applying the correct chemical. Another boost for the pest control industry would be a ban on all “cides” to the non-licensed. Any company can provide customer service, you want your company to provide “Celebrity Service”!

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